LyraScan Services

Scanning outdoors

Recreate your surroundings with LyraScan. High point density and great range provide realistic 3D maps of open places for numerous applications such as gaming backgrounds, music videos and more.

Tunnel scanning

Observing traffic tunnels can be very difficult with ongoing traffic;   Lyra S1 mounted on a vehicle solves that problem. Every corner scanned whilst in motion no matter the size of the tunnel, eases mapping and surveying.


Precise point cloud data supplied by LYRA S1 simplifies measuring building materials, such as mortar, stone, sand, concrete. Be aware of the amount of materials your construction site has on display; reduce cost for more bought materials than needed.

Scanning mines

Mines are one of the most important but yet hazardous working environments. ‘Seeing’ in darkness is not an obstacle for our mapper. Looking at a mining site from above can give the operators a new perspective of valuable information visible only from above. Scanning mines to make maps, assess the situation and be prepared for dangers is one of  Lyra S1 tasks.

3D Construction scanning

Monitoring construction progress for an easier approach to the project itself is only one possibility of many that   Lyra S1 provides. Making 3D maps for better advertisement may increase investors, buyers and other firms. Being able to detect any kind of anomaly during its development is simple with a scanner like  Lyra S1.

Realistic point clouds & CAD models

Because of its accuracy and speed, we can make any real life object digitized.
Point clouds of scanned objects made into mesh can be a big help for working in CAD software.

Rent or Work with us

Like one of the services, or all of them? Got any unique ideas you’d love to work on? Renting Lyra S1 is one of our many services, or contact us for a collaboration.

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