Lyra S1

The best solution for mobile 3D mapping
Materialize your ideas with an all-in-one autonomous 3D mapping device, Lyra S1, with multiple excellent features and even higher efficiency. Make 3D maps of your surroundings, unapproachable places or a digital twin.

High point density

Handheld, Car & Drone Mode

360-degree View

Versatility and cost-effectiveness

The sky is not the limit with the new Lyra S1 laser scanner with interchangeable LiDAR sensors with very little weight, supports 16 channels and generates around 300 000 pts/s with the FOV of 360°, making laser scanning easier and without any blind-spots.

Easy to use

​With the precision of 2cm capture every single detail in mind, airborne or handheld, mobile with a car or just walk past an object and have it in 3D in no time. Large scale data is not a problem with Lyra S1

Portable and efficient

​Scan away with up to 8h of autonomy with Lyra S1, powered by a light weighted battery. Available in handheld or mounted modes.

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